RCSummer FAQs

1. To attend the RCSummer program, how old should a participant be?

To be eligible to apply for the RCSummer program, the child should have finished grade 2nd through 8th by the first day of the program.

Please remember that our programs are geared to serve the needs of children who completed 2nd to 8th grade, and would not be appropriate for children younger or older.  If your child is not in this age group, your application will not be accepted. If necessary, you may be asked for further official documentation.

3. If I am on the waiting list, do I have any chance to register my child?

If there are any parents from the first list who have not completed their registration or would like to cancel their registration, you will be contacted according to your place on the waiting list. We cannot give you any estimates about when this might happen.

5. How can I register for siblings?

A separate “Pre-Registration Form” needs to be filled out for all of siblings on the day of registration to register for both siblings.

6. How much is the program tuition? What does it include?

Tuition fees are announced before the registration process starts. Program tuition includes the program, snacks and lunch. Transportation fees and weekend excursions are not included.

7. How will we pay for the program and if we can not attend the program, what is your reimbursement policy?

If you are on our first list, you will be sent an email about the payment details. If you are on the waiting list and your turn for registration comes up, you will receive the payment procedure details by email.  Payment cannot be made if your child is still on the waiting list. According to our policy, no reimbursements will be made.

8. Who are the RCSummer counselors?

RCSummer counselors are rising freshman, college students or graduates of college who are native speakers or bilingual. They are trained and led by teachers and experienced professionals.

9. What happens in the RCSummer program?

Our program takes place every weekday from 8:15 to 16:15.  For more information please go to our Program Content page.

11. How do you group the children?  Can my child be in the same group with a friend of his/her choice?

Grouping is done according to the order of registration, age and gender distribution. One of the aims of RCSummer is for children to make new friends and have new experiences. However, participants sometimes have a chance to be in the same group with a friend if they choose the same Hour of Happiness, Thematic Arts (Mosaic of Minds) or ApprentIstanbul.

13. Do you have a boarding program?

Our program is a day program only. It takes place between 8:15 and 16:15. After 16:15, all participants leave campus.

2. How can I be informed about the registration dates?

If you have attended the RCSummer program before, your e-mail address is already registered on our database. You will be informed by email before registration starts. If there is a change in your email or if you have not attended the RCSummer program before, please fill in the Database Form so you can receive an email about the procedure of pre-registration. 

4. How can I apply to the program?

RCSummer registrations are accepted ONLY ONLINE on our webpage www.rcsplus.org. Due to the limited number of participants we can accept and the high demand, our applications for our pre-registration list are taken in order of submission to our online system. Please note that sometimes our pre-registration is filled very quickly. When pre-registration starts please keep this in mind and make sure you have your child’s Turkish citizenship ID number (or passport number for foreigners) with you.We cannot accept direct applications under any circumstances.

There are two steps in our registration process:

First Step :

  • You need to fill out our “Pre-Registration Form” online on the registration date, which will soon be announced.
  • When you submit your pre-registration application, if our quota for applicants has been filled, you will see an announcement to that effect. Your application then will be put on our waiting list.
  • If you are on our first pre-registration list, which is made automatically according to the order of receipt of applications, you will be sent by email the “Registration Completion Form“.

Second Step :

  • If you are on our first list for pre-registration, within 5 days you must fill in the “Registration Completion Form” which will be sent to you by email, and also must complete payment for the program.
  • In order to complete your registration it is very important that you fill in the form and make the payment in the time given. Otherwise, your application will be moved automatically to the bottom of the waiting list. No exceptions can be made in this process.

10. Is my child’s level of English important in the RCSummer program?

For your child to be able to benefit fully from the program and enjoy the experience, it is very important that s/he has good basic English listening and speaking skills.  S/he must be able to express his or her basic needs, and be able to understand all instructions and information given for his/her safety and enjoyment.

12. Where does RCSummer program take place?

The RCSummer program takes place on the beautiful campus of 150 year old Robert College on the Bosphorus in Istanbul. On the campus there are extensive wooded areas and fields, with excellent facilities for sports, art, drama, music and technology. For some of our activities and Friday excursions we go off campus during certain days and hours of the week, with the permission of the parents.