Grainy Days – Quick Film History & Hands-on Filmmaking

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Ozan Yoleri

Grainy Days – Quick Film History & Hands-on Filmmaking

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Before coming into this course, you’ve probably shot thousands of videos already. You’ve ‘recorded’ insta-stories, you’ve ‘directed’ snaps, and maybe some of you have even ‘broadcasted’ video content on YouTube. That’s great! You’re halfway there. For the other half, I invite you to GRAINY DAYS!

Everyday, we will start with a brief history of cinema. You’ll see how it all started without sound and without color; a time when everything depended on the pure image. Then we’ll introduce sound and its effects on the medium, which will be followed by color, giving the cinema its modern look. Along the way, you’ll meet some important people who gave shape to the history of cinema, and you’ll learn why they matter. Chaplin, Keaton, Eisenstein, Kuleshov, Vigo, Ford, Hitchcock and Scorsese are a few of them.

The second part of the class is about filmmaking. In the first week you’ll learn the basics: How to write a screenplay? What are the roles in a set? How do we edit? What are the elements of a camera and how do I take advantage of them to tell my story? When these questions are answered, we’ll form small groups and in the second week each group will prepare a short film. We’ll write, rehearse, shoot and edit together; and I promise it’s going to be a lot of fun, a lot of practice and a lot of good memories!

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