English is Spoken Here


Throughout the day, participants will be asked to communicate in English. We have fun and exciting ways to help motivate them to remain in the target language.



RCSummer Stamps

Each participant carries a passport at all times during the program. RCSummer passport is a small booklet with the participant’s name on the front page. In the booklet there is important information for emergencies. Also there are pages in which to complete a set of stamps weekly. There are five categories of stamps to be completed, which are ‘speaking English’, ‘being environmentally friendly’, ‘helping others’, ‘listening’ and ‘participation’. Participants who complete a full set of stamps in one week get a special award.


RCSummer Rings

Rings are a way to recognize model behavior. Participants are given a colorful ring by a counselor if an extra effort or model behavior is observed during the day. Rings turn into a friendly competition that promotes speaking English and model behavior within the program. At the end of each session a participant who collects the most number of rings is recognized with presentation of the “Big Ring” award.

Word of the Day

RCSummer Word of the Day

Every morning the word of the day is incorporated into the morning skit. Playful posters displaying its definition along with a sentence incorporating the word are posted around the campus. These words reflect an aspect of RC core values.

Secret Counselor Winner

RCSummer Secret Counselor Winner

Every day counselors observe the participants and note who makes an outstanding effort to speak English and contribute to the program in various positive ways. The secret counselor winners are announced at the end of our morning skits and the winners get to drop water balloons on the counselors at the end of the day.

Bank & Kiosk

RCSummer opens up its own canteen tables in the afternoon called “kiosk”. The aim of the kiosk concept is try to promote healthy snacks and money management.  With this program participants get to exchange Turkish Lira into “Kronos”, RCSummer currency. They also have the chance to purchase RCSummer souvenirs.  RCSummer staff runs the kiosks and this way the participants are encouraged to use the target language during this activity as well.