RCS Academy


Welcome to the All New RCS Academy!


2 Weeks

Monday, June 29th – Saturday, July 11th 2020

[Morning Courses will end on Thursday, July 9th]



2 Weeks

Monday July 13th – Saturday, July 25th 2020

[Morning Courses will end on Friday, July 24th]

*15th of July is a national holiday.


2 Weeks

Monday August 10th – Saturday, August 22nd 2020

[Morning Courses will end on Thursday, August 20th]



RCS Academy is an English summer program made up of morning courses offered by some of the best and most experienced Robert College faculty & staff, followed by our Outdoor Leadership Training in the afternoon. One of RCS Academy’s goals is to create learning opportunities for participants and offer fun and exciting courses that will be new and different from what they are offered during the school year. With the Outdoor Leadership Training element, we aim to provide our participants with a hands-on experience on Leadership & Cooperation. RCS Academy also promotes values such as respect, honesty, empathy, sportsmanship, and caring for others and the environment.

A Day at RCS Academy

RCS Academy is a separate program from the RCSummer Program. In order to be eligible to apply for RCS Academy, participants must be 13, 14, 15, 16 years old by the first day of the program. It is our goal to create experiential learning opportunities for our participants.

In the Morning

From Monday to Wednesday

Morning are reserved for the Morning Courses.

  • Our participants start the day with a breakfast with their instructors.
  • Their first period begins.
  • After their first period, our participants are offered a snack during their break.
  • Their second period continues on until Lunch.

In the Afternoon

From Monday to Wednesday

Leadership Training Program begins.

  • After lunch, participants meet their trainer.
  • They go over various topics including leadership, team building, safety and more..
  • Participants are offered a snack & will get the chance to cook for themselves.
  • Program comes to an end at 16:15.

On Thursdays & Fridays

Starting from Thursday Afternoon to Friday Evening

Trip Out to the Woods

  • After lunch, participants meet their trainer.
  • The group is then transported to their camping locations.
  • Group will setup their base-camp and prepare for the activities.
  • There will be sessions of orienteering, hiking, fire-building and more.
  • Program will come to a close on Friday evening on the first week and Saturday morning with a breakfast on the second week.

Participants may choose to attend the Outdoor Leadership & Adventure Program as a stand-alone program or as an extension to their morning RCS Academy courses. There are skills to be gained for everybody; it doesn’t matter which morning course one is enrolled in, if any! The key is taking the initiative to dig deeper and relish the risk-taking in a safe and healthy environment.

Morning Courses

Participants are offered a half-day Morning Course where they will explore academically oriented fun and exciting subjects that will be new and different from what they are offered during the school year.

The half-day courses will be offered by some of the best and most experienced Robert College faculty and staff from Monday to Thursday between 8:15 AM to 12:00 PM. Participants may choose only 1 course per session.

Course topics include various types of fine arts, performing arts, multimedia arts & crafts, STEM, journalism, entrepreneurship and more.

There will be a total of three two-week sessions. All courses will be taught in English.

Leadership Training Program

After their morning course, participants are offered an afternoon Leadership Training element where outdoors and nature are used as a proving ground. They will hone their teamwork and leadership skills by experiencing scenarios set up for them.

From Monday to Wednesday between 12:30 PM to 16:00 PM, our participants will join training sessions in various topics involving the outdoors, survival, teamwork & leadership at their base camp on the Robert College campus. On Thursdays at 12:30 PM, they will be taken to Nişantepe Orman Park and Şile – Yeşil Vadi for camping overnight and orienteering activities.

The element is designed and led by our EWES (European Wilderness Education School) certified expert trainer and facilitated by Robert College & our long-serving partner in Outdoor Training, Yöne-Team.

There will be a total of three two-week sessions. Program will be conducted in English.