The Philosopher’s Stone: The Alchemist & His Craft

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Ayşe Esra Şirin

The Philosopher’s Stone: The Alchemist & His Craft

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Have you ever wanted to create a miniature human being in your private lab? Have you ever tried to turn lead into gold? If the answer is yes, so did thousands of ancient and medieval alchemists of the past.

This course focuses on discovering the mind of the historical “Alchemist” and answers questions such as ‘how can someone possibly think that a random metal might turn into gold?’ and ‘what were they thinking when they prepared elixirs to create gemstones?’ Together, we will open a small window into the extraordinary world of the past, where magic, science and religion went hand in hand. We will discover how the alchemists assumed the role of the sage, the fool and the fraud at the same time. We will learn about the extraordinary theories behind alchemy, read about the services of the alchemists and strike our own deals with them through role play. Finally, we will write our own historically accurate elixir books.

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