Coding Heroes – Intro to Programming via Gamification

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Davor Rimac

Coding Heroes – Intro to Programming via Gamification

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In today’s emergence of AI as an assistive technology for programming, it is recommended to have a good foundation about how the syntax components of programming work.

During the 2 weeks course, the students will discover the syntax components of different programming languages. After the introduction, they will be able to choose which programming languages they would like to use for solving problems and scenarios presented by the CodeCombat platform. 

Each student would use their own email to subscribe. After finishing the 2 week course, they can pursue further education in the programming language of their choice on the same platform.

Languages Offered: Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, LUA, Java, C++

Recommended Ages: 12-14.
Recommended Level: Beginner

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2023-08-07 @ 12:00 to
2023-08-18 @ 16:00

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