Something Old Something New: The History of Getting Married

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Ayşe Esra Şirin

Something Old Something New: The History of Getting Married

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“Will you marry me?” said a Homo Sapiens man to the Neanderthal woman some fifty thousand years ago. Why do we get married? What purpose did marriage and weddings serve in the past? What were the most obscure marriage traditions of our history? What about the bloodiest or the most scandalous weddings of all times?

In this course, we will reflect on the concept of marriage and wedding. Like the ghost of Christmas, we will time travel to the land of Asur, visit the Ancient Greeks and discover the secrets of medieval couples. We will witness how certain noble weddings would easily turn into political massacres. We will read passages from ancient legal texts, scriptures and novels and analyze artwork depicting marriage and married couples.

In light of these, we will create historically accurate marriage contracts and act them out. This will give us the opportunity to get inside the heads of these very real characters from the past and compose short wedding stories of our own. If you like history, fiction and wedding gossip as much as I do, this is the right class for you!

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